Cold Nose, Warm Heart
Pet Sitting
Donna, Megan, and I cannot thank you enough for the continued professionalism that you show through your pet care services.  From the first time we met you, we experienced first hand your thoroughness, detail and most importantly that you truly had a strong love for ALL animals (and trust me, we have a very diverse group). With you we know our pets are always in good hands. It is very clear that you take your profession very seriously and do not miss a detail in preparation and follow-through.

Moreover, you have gone over and beyond in regard to flexibility - be it a last minute weekend away, business travel or an extended family vacation - there is comfort knowing that you are there for us.

I would very highly recommend you to anyone that requires pet services. Please feel free to use me as a referral at anytime.

Mike, Donna, and Megan Manning
Letter 1:
Letter 2:
We know that when we leave our pets in your hands that they will be given the best of care. In fact if they could talk, they would be excited to know that you were coming over. We feel safe knowing that not only are you taking care of our pets, but our home as well (taking in the paper, turning out lights in the morning, and turning them on again at night).

Meeting you at the Pet Fair a few years ago was one of the best things that happened to us and our pets.  Mr. Waggs and Ms. Wiggins wanted to give you two paws up for their food and walks, and Belize and Burby give you two paws up for their clean water and litter box.

Thanks again for always being there when we need you, even on the spur of the moment.

Julie and Terry Johns - Many barks and meows from the rest of the family.

Letter 3:
I have been working with Lori Heady for a couple years now. She has been a responsible and dependable source of care for my dog Dakota over this time. She has been flexible in scheduling walks with very short notice and works with me to schedule longer stays in her home. I appreciate her professionalism in how she runs her business, her strong communication skills, and her commitment to providing loving care to my pet.

Lori is very good with Dakota. She shows a real concern and affection for my dog. When I leave Dakota with Lori at her home, I am comforted in the knowledge that not only will my girl be attended to, but that she will be cared for in a kind and generous manner. Her home is clean, comfortable, and safe for my pet. Lori engages Dakota in play and affection while I am away and that helps me feel much less guilty about leaving her. Dakota always returns home in a good mood.

Lori is punctual and detailed oriented in how she runs her business. She gives me very good updates when I pick up Dakota, and has been great about bringing things to my attention if she has seen changes in her behavior while in her care. I feel that Lori is a partner in looking out for Dakota and not just someone who is going through the motions of attending to by dog.

Dakota is an older dog with issues such as allergies, and lameness that requires some meds to be administered and extra care and kindness. Dakota is my girl, my best friend and my baby. I want her to be comfortable when I have to be away. I am very grateful for Lori's care and thankful I found her service. It makes my time away much less stressful for both Dakota and me.

Laura F. Pettine
Letter 4:
I wanted to thank you for the 4+ years of dog sitting. I think the most valuable thing you bring to the table is 100% reliability. Our dogs are all show animals. They are financially valuable, but much more importantly, they are highly valuable to us in an emotional way. They are apart of our family and we need to provide top notch care for them. You have provided peace of mind for us. The sort of care you provide is of the utmost quality and can't be purchased just anywhere. You are the best.

Vicki T., Mark H., Champion Mark's Prancer Kenya, Champion Loch Cu I Tame the Tiger (Siggy), and Loch Cu's Pistol Pete (still trying to be a champion!!!)